1. Edamame 4.50
Boiled soybeans with sea salt and lime

2. Vegetable Tempura
M 6.50

3. Shrimp TempuraM 8.95

4. Mini-Shumai 5.50
Deep-fried shrimp dumplings

5. Gyoza 5.50
Pan-fried meat and vegetable ravioli

6.Hamachi-Kama 11.95
Grilled and lightly salted yellowtail collar
served with ponzu sauce

7. Spiced Baked Scallops 8.95
With crab stick, mushrooms and flying fish roe

8. Grilled Beef Roll
M 9.50
Thin sliced sirloin rolled with cheese, scallions
and coated with teriyaki sauce


1. House Salads 3.50
(Ginger Dressing)

2. Seaweed Salad 5.50
(Sesame Dressing)

3. Avocado and Crab Stick Salad 8.50
(Mayonnaise Dressing)

4. Tuna Salad
Δ 14.50
(Onion Dressing)

6. Sashimi Salad
Δ 13.50
(Spicy Lemon Dressing)


1. YellowtailΔ 11.50
With chili yuzu sauce

2. Tuna
MΔ 12.50
With yuzu miso sauce

3. Pepper Tuna
Δ 12.50
With ponzu sauce

4. Seared Salmon
MΔ 8.95
With wasabi and mayonnaise

5. Escolar Tataki
Δ 10.50
White fish in a spicy onion sauce

6. Naruto
MΔ 10.95
Choice of tuna, salmon, yellowtail or crab stick
rolled with avocado, thinly sliced cucumber and flying fish role (spicy is available)

7. Maguro Awase
Δ 9.50
Spicy tuna with flying fish roe, avocado,
seaweed and tempura flake

8. Shellfish Summer Roll
MΔ 14.50
Lobster, shrimp, crab stick, avocado, asparagus,
mango and flying fihs roe rolled in rice paper

9. Sashimi roll
MΔ 17.95
Salmon, tuna and yellowtail with seaweed,
aba and pickle rolled in a sesame soy wrap,
topped with seared escolar glazed with
eel wasabi dressing

10. Sushi Couple
Δ 21.50
Select nigiri sushi and tuna maki

11. Sushi Delight
Δ 25.50
Ten pieces of nigiri sushi, cucumber maki and
California maki

12. Sashimi Sampler
Δ 31.50
Select raw fish fillet with sushi rice

13. Mandarin Sampler
Δ 34.95
Chef's choice of assorted sushi, sashimi and California maki

14. Mandarin Garden
Δ 49.95
Chef's choice of assorted sushi, sashimi and seasonal specials

15. Love Boat
Δ 78.50
Chef's choice of assorted sushi, sashimi and seasonal specials


Seafood or vegetable lightly battered and deep-fried
served with miso soup and rice

1. Shrimp 19.50
2. Shrimp and Vegetable Combo 17.50
3. Vegetable 15.50
Select seafood and vegetables

Seafood or tender meat grilled with teriyaki sauce
served with miso soup and rice

1. Chicken 17.50
2. Sirloin Steak 18.50
3. Shrimp, Scallop, or Combination 19.95
4. Salmon 19.95

5. Una-ju(Eel) 19.95

-Nabe Mono
Seafood or thinly sliced meat with vegetables, tofu
and yam noodles cooked with sake and soy sauce

1. Chicken Sukiyaki 18.50
Served with rice
2. Beef Sukiyaki 19.50
Served with rice
3. Empire Yose Nabe 19.95
Select seafood or chicken
4. Chicken Udon 16.50
5. Shrimp Tempura Udon 17.95


MISO - Soybean paste, light vinegar and sweet rice wine

Soy sauce, citrus, seaweed and sweet rice wine

Soy sauce, grape oil, citrus and sweet rice wine